Precise Cardiology Limited

Precise Cardiology Limited was registered in Hong Kong on 7 November 2017 with the objective of creating a specific and separate corporate entity to hold and develop the PRECISE Cloud ECG product. It’s company registration number is 2603869.

Following the establishment of the company, the intellectual property of the PRECISE project, copyrights and pattern applications are being injected into the company through a Technology Transfer Agreement with Planexta Inc., along with employment contracts for the development team, as well as the intangible value of the research and development that has so far gone into the product.

The choice of Hong Kong as the corporate location / headquarters is driven by the desire to launch the product globally and in addition to Europe and North America also to have a key focus on Asia-Pacific and its large and key markets of China and India. There is also the possibility of a research project with the University of Hong Kong to assist in understanding the exact ECG reading needs and issues in Asia-Pacific.

Hong Kong also provides the certainty of a Common Law legal juristriction with a well developed business infrastructure and a currency pegged to the US$. The low tax system and start-up incentives are also deciding factors.

Initially the share capital of Precise Cardiology Limited is held 95% by the promotor, Planexta Inc. of California and 5% by private investor.


While PRECISE has still to officially launch its offering to the public, it has already started to win awards - as a part of the SenceTech remote care ecosystem of its promotor Planexta Inc - a promising tech start-up innovation. As part of the go-2-market strategy the product will be entered for a number of specific Biotech and medical awards in order to build momentum.

Featured project at the 1776 Challenge Cup Competition, New York.

Featured project at IGNITE Fire Pitch Competition of the Texas Medical Center, Houston.

Semi-finalist of PITCH at Web Summit 2017,

Award for the most promising Remote Care Solution 2017 by Kazakh Telecom, Astana.

Featured company of Tech Crunch Disrupt, Berlin.

Silver hammer award at Fraunhofer IZM X CUBE Founders Garage, Berlin.

Planexta Inc.

Planexta Inc. ( is a biotech innovations company based in California, which invented the world’s first ECG sensor for one hand (US patent pending 62/329,260 from 04/29/2016) and is dedicated to mitigating up to 80% of cardiovascular risks with different approaches of biofeedback, early diagnostic and remote care, which were metro-logically proved and peer-reviewed by specialists from Oxford University.

SenceBand™ is the first product that is engineered for the consumer market to track both emotional and physiological states, using the heart rate variability approach with medical grade accuracy. This device has already received two awards from the Consumer Electronic Show 2017 (Las Vegas, USA) in Wearable Technologies, as well as Fitness, Sport and Biotech category nominations. There was a positive feedback from media around the world during the crowdfunding campaign (including IEEE Spectrum, Cool Hunting, Digital Trends, Übergizmo, Endgadget, etc.). Successful campaign generated more than 1.000 pre-ordered units. The commercial launch will start in December 2017.
The manufacturing facilities are being prepared in Shenzhen, China. According to the preliminary inquiries from distributors, Planexta plans to sell the first 20,000 units of SenceBand™ by the end of 2018. The further development of SenceBand™ and its variations includes many more innovations.

Markets - According to IHS Technology Report, the market of home healthcare devices and services is estimated at $6 billion with an average annual growth of 25.8% during 2016-2018. A Mordor Intelligence report estimates the global market of wearable medical devices in 2015 as $3.3 billion and projects its average annual growth at 17.7% up to $7.8 billion in 2020. According to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the total amount of compensations for ECG interpretations (under Medicare Part B alone) in the United States was $162,5 million in 2015.

Market entry strategy - The company has an agile business development strategy, which includes its own distribution network, as well as special purpose vehicles with big industrial corporations.

IPR strategy - Planexta plans to protect five proprietary technologies through the International Patent System and generate data exclusivity with clinical trials of medical software and and Class II medical devices.

Pipeline - The corporate pipeline represents an enhancement of proprietary ECG sensor and its combinations, including an ensemble with multilevel PPG sensors for cuff-less blood pressure monitoring with medical grade accuracy.

Further improvement of cloud solutions is critical in terms of building a sustainable environment for risk mitigation.

The key management team behind Planexta Inc. will also take initial management oversight for Precise Cardiology Limited.

Eugene Nayshtetik, CEO and co-founder, has a 12-year managerial experience in life sciences. Worked for Pfizer, Merck, Genzyme and Novartis. Founded the Platform 20k project, which became a resource base for Planexta’s products. Earned three master’s degrees (from three universities) in international business, marketing management, and sociology & social technologies. Received dozens of certificates in medical field, including Medical Neuroscience from Duke University (USA) and Heart Rate Variability from NASM (USA). Eugene has a prominent volunteer experience in healthcare and earned different awards, including the Order of Merit (Ukraine).

Oleg Shkot and Stanislav Telyatnikov, co-founders. The two have a total of 24 years of successful entrepreneurial experience. Founded MGID (Native Advertising Marketplace) with annual turnover of $30 million (in 2015). Began their business careers with launching the project. Oleg Shkot has a master's degrees in technology of instrument engineering and finances & credit. Stanislav Telyatnikov has a master's degree in radio engineering and a 27-year experience in software development.



HRV (Heart Rate Variability) analysis is an established method of monitoring for various health parameters:




Nervous system

Glandular system

Emotional states

Immunity factors


Circadian rhythm

Signs of ageing, etc.

But in order to make accurate and, most importantly, lifestyle changing conclusions the measuring must be extremely precise and performed on a regular basis. Available ECG machines were either stationary or bulky, with a lot of wires, which made them totally unsuitable for everyday wear. That was limiting HRV analysis application to the clinical environment and its potential in full were accessible mostly for astronauts and pro-athletes.

Platform 20K lab developed world’s first one wrist ECG band that performs HRV analysis with the same accuracy as an electrocardiograph. The wristband is ISO / HL7 and HIPAA compliant. It measures >80 health parameters and helps you to get yourself into peak health state, both physical and mental.
At the core of Planexta wristband technology are the ECG sensors capable of operating with high precision on dry skin and in any usage conditions, as well as software to provide continuous monitoring of health state.

The data from wristband is transmitted to world’s first PRECISE service, also developed by Platform 20K, that continuously monitor, record and analyse vital parameters. This service also can be used by any medical professional to analyse and store cardiovascular data from any internet-enabled cardiograph.

Technology developed by Platform 20K has the potential
to tackle the #1 cause of death worldwide and save lives
of 15 million people per annum.

According to NHS CDC protocol, approved by the World Health Organisation, the early mitigation of cardiovascular risks is a major factor contributing to life extension (+5 years on average).

PLANEXTA wins two

The Platform 20K approach is to develop technologies aimed to accelerate medical processes and facilitate access to health resources. This means a transition from periodical health checkups to permanent monitoring of conditions, body parameters, physical and emotional health state and other data relevant to the specific person.

The format of a wearable device makes possible to track the effectiveness of preventive measures. For example, the health effects of smoking cessation calculated as a reduction of cardiovascular risk.

Thanks to the PRECISE software solution it is possible collect biodata: a history of the specific user and general data array. Its analysis instantly gives deep, meaningful insights into person’s health that are transformed into the Concept of Health Coaching. The person receives practical recommendations and guidance on what’s harmful to one’s health, how to avoid it and what to do to improve your health state and get into the best possible condition.

Giving people control over their health and its determinants is the key to wellbeing, productivity, and longevity. Continuous monitoring of health parameters enables people to actively participate in the management of their own health, modify behaviour and track what influence it has on their organisms.